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xl dream run


Botanic Gardens

Yes a whole lot of xllers in Singapore ran around the botanic gardens and felt really good to be a part of the community...in just a few hours and few steps we were able to build a great camaraderie and friendships. thanks to everyone who turned up and showed their support to xl and to the cause.

as you all may be aware by now we were running to raise $ 5k for the xl soc ent trust...

the run was super. the weather, thanks to the rain god - it rained in the afternoon: was nice and cool..

we started a bit late but still were able to make the full 5k( approx) and be back by 8 pm. Not bad eh...thanks everyone...

A special one goes to Deepak (97 batch) from Stan Chart. He promised that he will come with this family ( wife and 2 sons) and all of them did the whole run. A real WOW !...

Super job Deepak. I really admired your enthusiasm and the spontaneity. You are truly an xl soul. I hope we meet again and I really felt very happy for your kids and wife - they took the time and made all of us feel really PROUD.

Another special thanks should go to SCAMPY the loving adorable doggie and Nans (1983) and Shubha ( 1984) who made that happen. Scampy is so so adorable and was the darling of the party..

Talking about a party - thanks to Abhilasha to have made it to SBG after a party - even that shows true support and spirit.

Pity that many people said they will come but did not show up and did not message...

I did get a message from Sivaram and he had a small emergency. Hope all is Ok Sivaram???

We missed the gang from OLAM, Citibank, P&G others from Stan Chart, Google etc....i suspect that they are not receiving the e group messages...

Oh I should not forget to thank Lavanya Rajesh for the super collection mechansism and t shirt logistics - thank you so much...

The location worked out really well. It was nice and cozy and we could use all the facilities etc till late.

I had asked Prof.Madhukar about increasing participation etc and he had indicated to me once in an e-mail - "if it is to happen and if the wishes are positive and there is good energy - the UNIIVERSE will provide"...yes  so it is.

When I arrived at 630 pm, honestly, I had my doubts and trepidations about the turn out - but I brushed the negativity aside and sent out many positive wishes and it seems like it all turned out well. what a dream (run) come true ...

I think the t shirts sold well and many million thanks to the new batches who have arrived in singapore who fully supported the cause and made the contributions.

Thanks Dr Shree for spreading the word around.

I do want to just dial back on the objective we set and the next steps:

We did promise to that we will raise $5K. many people have supported us in this cause. shyam,  aditya  and few others have already indicated their contributions and our thanks goes to all of you..

We have to support the xl social entrprenuer trust. Like Rajesh said in the speech it is not a charity. it is a business and business with a cause and they need the help. they are doing good work and we should not let this slip betweem the cracks. so guys and gals - it is up to us - and here is a great opportunity to pay it forward or give back or how/whatever you want to think about...

So friends - a small favor - even if you were not able to make it today it does not matter - find some time do your own run or walk - and send to us your contributions are to either me or Rajesh. I think many of the people have our numbers - so please call

If you'd like to send it by check (i will give you a formal receipt) please write a check send it to revive consulting group asia pte ltd - you can stick it in the mail to me @ 113. Highgate Crescent, Singapore 598874. very easy to do.

Since many of you are on vacation or last minute business travel etc - we are extending the date to make your contributions to 25 January 2009. Yes a good 6 weeks.

 We'd like to send the contributions over to madhukar by that time .... So there is time.

But don't wait. Just do it NOW. ..The spirit is in the giving and sharing and the time is perfect.

Love and Peace.


Best Wishes

ReVive Consulting Group.
Best Wishes

ReVive Consulting Group.

XL Singapore Dream Run

Hi Ramesh, Rajesh, other XLers, Your kith and kin,

Thanks for providing this good experience of running/walking in
Botanical Garden. I enjoyed my evening. The evening gave me a sense
of satisfaction as well since our action(s) were for a cause and not
just a get-together. Keep it up.

Many XLers could probably have made it today if they were not pre-
occupied. However, I wish that all the XLers in Singapore would come
together one day for a similar or a greater cause. The mere
imagination of that to happen would be a delight for any XLer (who
dreams so).


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What Have You Gained From XL?

BP Rao asked the question on the Linkedin XLRI group:

In 2009, XLRI completes 60 glorious years.What have you gained from XL? .

If we develop adequate data, this could be good feedback to the present leaders/students at XL.
Here's what I have gained:
* Deep insight into the power of people relationships. Thanks to Fr. McGrath.
* A collaborative rather than confrontation approach to issues
* The value of superior communication skills..this one is for Fr. Tome
* Simplicity and non-hierarchical way of managing.
* Friendships that have lasted for keeps:)

Some of the answers were:

My professional identity.
The desire to do good in the world was further cemented courtesy the selfless work by a lot of intellectuals at XLRI. I definitely learnt how to prioritise my time and work, a quality which I feel is critical to achieve material success. Remember that the monk first had to earn the Ferrari :-) .
The most important take-away I have had is that what we learn is most applied about 5 years into your work career. all those pieces of puzzle come together when you are problem solving and decision making. When your wrok content begins to have a diversity of challenges, that is when your investment in XL kicks in

This seems to be rhetoric question! I completely agree with Udayan - indeed my professional identity and a lot of friends! In addition to the list - I would lke to add humility, patience, optimism, crisis management, resource mobilization, 'jugaad', cost cutting, bon-homie, understanding (not from the classroom) of the tennets of credit, risk-management and financial planning, weight loss, gyan, tolerance, appreciation, achnowledgement, great times, culture, time-management, 'critical-minimum-effort' theory, 'manging' as opposed to 'management', compassion, sensitivity, community living, independence, fraternity feeling, street smartness - well the list is endless. And of course to all the professors and faculty who showed how to - and some who showed how not to!! 

Multitasking, preparing for deadlines, working with groups, peers, social responsibility, healthy lifestyle, with enough room for entertainment and letting one's hair down.

Importance of Upward Management, dealing with "bad bosses (read profs)", networking, art of politics, dramatics. Very useful for professional life.

What I learnt at XL was probably not as useful anytime in the first two years of my career, as it has now started. It has helped me put my thoughts in the most organised format and has given a weight to my words while talking amongst equals. Piggy-backing on what my seniors had created as a brand name for the college is definitely a given. However, I have already started learning the art of managing people breaking all barriers of hierarchy.
I'm sure I have got a long way to go, and what I have learnt in the college is going to push me along all through...

Well BP we are the luckier ones who had both Fr Tome and Fr McGrath so I will not repeat what you said.
I think XL gave me a world view. And maybe social skills of a corporate kind. The beauty of XL is that we learnt from each other too.

xlsingapore dreamrun - the first NIGHT run, for a cause, by XLers

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