TAAQ & Antaragni -- FLOODAID -- a tsunami of solidarity

FLOODAID -- a tsunami of solidarity

Thermal And A Quarter and Antaragni perform to raise funds for thevictims and families of the over 9,000 Indians affected by the tsunami of December 26.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Venue: St John's Auditorium.

Donor passes Rs 99.99.

Time: 8.30 pm onwards.

We know it's a weekday, and that you have to go to work the next day.

Yes, we know of the traffic jams, too. But tragedies don't think twice before striking.

This one struck on Boxing Day, a Sunday, when most of us were still curled in bed dreaming about tomorrow.

Please turn up in large numbers. For some of our brethren, it's not going to be a happy new year. Let's help make their 2005 a little morebearable. Please contribute generously with clothes and non-perishable foodstuffs.

ps: Spread the word. Passes will be available at the venue.

More details on http://www.thermalandaquarter.com

[BTW you can free d/l MP3s from their new album "Plan B" from the site]-


Tsunami Relief Donation Points in Blore

this is in addition to what people must be already knowing about theagencies working to collect contributions for Tsunami





Bangalore citizens initiative for tsunami victims, Dec 28, 2004 Click <http://www.indiatogether.com/relief/tsunami/docs/esgltr.htm>here to see yesterday's press release

A network of voluntary organisations, colleges, student organisations,NGOs, etc. from the Bangalore region have come together to launch the CITIZENS INITIATIVE FOR TSUNAMI VICTIMS.

The main purpose is to developcollective efforts for mobilising relief material and money to helpvictims through credible contact points in the affected areas.

St. Joseph's College of Arts and Science will be the main contact pointfor collection of material and donations. A bank account in the name of "Citizens Initiative" is available for collecting all donations androuting them through credible channels to the affected communities. In a major drive to mobilise relief material and resources, the CitizensInitiative will organise a Relief Collection March on Thursday, 30December 2004, from Mahatma Gandhi Statue on M. G. Road, starting 3.30pm. This March will wind its way through many commercial areas to raiseawareness to GIVE GENEROUSLY AND APPROPRIATELY. Additionally, there will be a major Points set up by Volunteers in many parts of the city.

By way of this Release, we request more volunteers to join these campaigns.

Can you speak Tamil? Do you want to volunteer for the Tsunami relief

I just spoke to AID India in Chennai and they need people who can speak and understand Tamil.

If you can speak Tamil and are willing to volunteer then kindly contact AID India at the following numbers:

Ravishankar of AID India: 94440 84910

AID India office: 044 28350403

Appeal from an XLer NGO Network for Tsunami Relief efforts

Dear fellow XL'ers,

This is Pondy, XL 84 appealing to your support for a Network of NGO's called CIOSA (www.ciosa.org <http://www.ciosa.org/> ) based in Tamil Nadu.

I happen to be the Managing Trustee of this network of 104 NGO's.

Our members have over a 100 volunteers working in Cuddalore,Kanyakumari, Nagai and Chennai, performing a variety of relief and rehabilitation work, as detailed herewith. I would commit that whatever contribution you make will reach the needy with professional valueaddition and minimal throughput cost. Would really value your gestures of kindness, at this hour of need. Pl feel free to contact me for any clarifications

(Mobile - 98410 79559 Res- 044 26224214).



K Pandiarajan

Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd

"Amble Side"

No.8, 4th Floor,

Khader Nawaz Khan Road,

Chennai - 600 006

Ph : 91 - 44 - 2833 3351-53

Dir : 91 - 44 - 2833 3359

Fax: 91 - 44 - 2833 3358

The 2004 XL Bangalore X'mas bash !

It was a lovely Christmas evening and on behalf of the alumni committee, I'd really like to thank few people for making the show happen.

The settings of the Century Club in Cubbon Park was apt for the XLersand their families who turned up to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season.

Top honours go to Nelson and his beautiful family of Anindita & Celine for the generous sponsorship that made this possible. (iPeopleIndia, Executive Search & Selection - Mob:+91-93428-55611,nelson@ipeopleindia.com). He also did a great job as our Santa.

Thomas & Sarah brought cheer to all the children by buying all the gifts, thanks much.

Anuja Singh rallied all the kids to decorate the tree.

Zo sponsored the tree, which he claims is 5' though the pot's 2' high.

Our host for the evening was Venkatesh and his cool son, Amrith, who signed us in.

Many thanks to both of them for the lovely venue.

Nimmi sent across the cake because she couldn't make it because of a sprained neck. The causes for the sprain are shrouded in mystery.

Lastly I'd like to thank our musicians, David, Jabez, & Zo for playing/singing in the Christmas spirit.

Thanks also to Xlers who came out of the woodwork to attend the programme, like Satish Karunakaran, Ravi Rego and a few others.

Of course, grax was exchanged by all and sundry...and some snatches ofconversation that Scooperizer was able to catch were:

"So this XLer after making his HR consulting firm one of the biggestin India has chucked it all up and is starting it all over again inSingapore !"

"Seen some great tech startups recently? We'd like to invest some seedcapital.."

"Being a freelance consultant has its ups and downs , but I am enjoying it...."

"I'm thinking of buying a Toyota Camry, the Accent feels small these days.."

"The politics after the merger caused the partners to leave...pure culture clash , y'know"

"How come my competitor gets to be in the top employers of the country with 32% attrition and my organization doesn't make it , with half that rate"...

"I tell you, I joined this organization just to move to Bangalore, andthey have a horrid work/life balance...I can't even go to Styx to chill out on Saturday night!"

"Guess what, slowly and surely our batch has 10 IRs inBangalore...maybe we can have a small batch meet!"

Ahem! I'll stop here before I spill any dangerous beans , but I hope you get the general idea ;-)

Of course, the drinks were flowing (since they were free till 7.30 pm,we had quite a few early birds there !), with yummy snacks like Chicken Tikka, masala peanuts and pineapple, cheese sticks!

The food took the cake (no pun intended!) with some great Mangalorean fish, Chicken Chettinad, Pulav, Rotis, Palak Paneer, Bhindi and Salad!

Yum !

The kids discovered the adjacent park to the party venue and so quitea few XLers had to move there to keep an eye over them as they went berserk on the swings and slides there !

It's better than regular parties...It's X'mas !

No Schmoozing - No Networking - No Fist Pumping

It's Christmas time!

This is the time for our friends, families, and especially our kids.That's what this programme is all about. Good fun for the kids and us parents.

Santa Claus, carols, gifts, cake, chocolates, time with the kids, fun, fun, and more fun.

Thanks again to the generous sponsorship from Nelson Cordeiro of iPeople India (Executive Search & Selection - Mob:+91-93428-55611),for making this happen.

Friday, Dec 17, Century Club (Cubbon Park), 7:30 onwards.


Please send in your confirmations ASAP with your children'snames and ages for us to buy gifts for them (kuruvilla@gmail.com /98451-41464).

Rates:Families/Couples -250

Singles - 150

Guests - 200

Kid guests - 100

Drinks/Beer - 50 each,

Booze is FREE till 7:30pm.

Answers to your questions:

1. Dinner is included and will be served at appropriate times for thechildren/grownups.

2. Snacks & softdrinks are free

3. The venue is semi-closed so clothe the kids appropriately

4. Yes, you can bring guests at Rs 200 each. If they are kids (Rs100), please send me their details so gifts can be arranged.

5. Century Club is in the middle of Cubbon Park.

Here are the driving directions:

From GPO: Drive in front of Vidhana Souda, cross the first junction between the old and the new Vidhana Soudas and go straight till you hit the signal that branches to Palace Road, Vidhana Souda Road and Nrupathunga Road. Don't take any of these roads, take a hard left into Cubbon Park and Century Club is 200 feet down on the right. Ask for Sampige Village.

From (demolished) Tiffany's/UB City gate of Cubbon Park: Drive straight in and pass the public library on the left. At the next junction go straight (diagonal right will take you to the High Court).You will hit Century Club about 500 feet down on the left. Ask forSampige Village.

From Hudson/Corporation Circle gate of Cubbon Park: Drive straight in and pass the public library on the right. At the next junction take ahard left. You will hit Century Club about 500 feet down on the left.Ask for Sampige Village.

From MG Road/Jewels D'Paragon gate of Cubbon Park: Don't take this gate, it won't lead to Century Club!

Nelson Cordeiro

iPeople India

Teaming good professionals & companies

Executive Search & Selection


Tel: 569 88 793 / 51216699


# 304, Raheja Arcade


Bangalore 560 095

The X Factor

The X-factor - a monthly e-newsletter for both alumni and current students of XLRI - was launched yesterday on December 2nd, 2004.

The X-factor aims to address a long felt need for sharing and disseminating news/views across the XLRI community - alumni, students and faculty.

You can Download Your Copy Here (right click, save - it is a 377kb, pdf document)

We would love to have your feedback, suggestions and contributions for the forthcoming issues. Please write back to us at: editor.xfactor [at] gmail.com

Happy Reading!

Santa's coming to XL Bangalore on Dec 17th !

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way... making spirits rise... oh what fun... !!!

Dear friends,

We reindeers are bringing Santa again for the XLBang Christmas HappyHours on Friday (Dec 17th - 7:30pm) at the Sampige Village, CenturyClub.

This programme is specially meant for your children and there's lots of fun for everyone. This year we will also be serving dinner for hungry kids and even hungrier parents.

Santa will be there with great gifts for the kids. There'll be lots of carol singing, so come with your best voices. We have Christmas cake,snacks, and a whole bunch of great stuff.

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor the programme,please let Kuru know on 98451-41464.

See you there!

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer