13-12 xl dream run singapore


xl dream run


Botanic Gardens

Yes a whole lot of xllers in Singapore ran around the botanic gardens and felt really good to be a part of the community...in just a few hours and few steps we were able to build a great camaraderie and friendships. thanks to everyone who turned up and showed their support to xl and to the cause.

as you all may be aware by now we were running to raise $ 5k for the xl soc ent trust...

the run was super. the weather, thanks to the rain god - it rained in the afternoon: was nice and cool..

we started a bit late but still were able to make the full 5k( approx) and be back by 8 pm. Not bad eh...thanks everyone...

A special one goes to Deepak (97 batch) from Stan Chart. He promised that he will come with this family ( wife and 2 sons) and all of them did the whole run. A real WOW !...

Super job Deepak. I really admired your enthusiasm and the spontaneity. You are truly an xl soul. I hope we meet again and I really felt very happy for your kids and wife - they took the time and made all of us feel really PROUD.

Another special thanks should go to SCAMPY the loving adorable doggie and Nans (1983) and Shubha ( 1984) who made that happen. Scampy is so so adorable and was the darling of the party..

Talking about a party - thanks to Abhilasha to have made it to SBG after a party - even that shows true support and spirit.

Pity that many people said they will come but did not show up and did not message...

I did get a message from Sivaram and he had a small emergency. Hope all is Ok Sivaram???

We missed the gang from OLAM, Citibank, P&G others from Stan Chart, Google etc....i suspect that they are not receiving the e group messages...

Oh I should not forget to thank Lavanya Rajesh for the super collection mechansism and t shirt logistics - thank you so much...

The location worked out really well. It was nice and cozy and we could use all the facilities etc till late.

I had asked Prof.Madhukar about increasing participation etc and he had indicated to me once in an e-mail - "if it is to happen and if the wishes are positive and there is good energy - the UNIIVERSE will provide"...yes  so it is.

When I arrived at 630 pm, honestly, I had my doubts and trepidations about the turn out - but I brushed the negativity aside and sent out many positive wishes and it seems like it all turned out well. what a dream (run) come true ...

I think the t shirts sold well and many million thanks to the new batches who have arrived in singapore who fully supported the cause and made the contributions.

Thanks Dr Shree for spreading the word around.

I do want to just dial back on the objective we set and the next steps:

We did promise to that we will raise $5K. many people have supported us in this cause. shyam,  aditya  and few others have already indicated their contributions and our thanks goes to all of you..

We have to support the xl social entrprenuer trust. Like Rajesh said in the speech it is not a charity. it is a business and business with a cause and they need the help. they are doing good work and we should not let this slip betweem the cracks. so guys and gals - it is up to us - and here is a great opportunity to pay it forward or give back or how/whatever you want to think about...

So friends - a small favor - even if you were not able to make it today it does not matter - find some time do your own run or walk - and send to us your contributions are to either me or Rajesh. I think many of the people have our numbers - so please call

If you'd like to send it by check (i will give you a formal receipt) please write a check send it to revive consulting group asia pte ltd - you can stick it in the mail to me @ 113. Highgate Crescent, Singapore 598874. very easy to do.

Since many of you are on vacation or last minute business travel etc - we are extending the date to make your contributions to 25 January 2009. Yes a good 6 weeks.

 We'd like to send the contributions over to madhukar by that time .... So there is time.

But don't wait. Just do it NOW. ..The spirit is in the giving and sharing and the time is perfect.

Love and Peace.


Best Wishes

ReVive Consulting Group.
Best Wishes

ReVive Consulting Group.

XL Singapore Dream Run

Hi Ramesh, Rajesh, other XLers, Your kith and kin,

Thanks for providing this good experience of running/walking in
Botanical Garden. I enjoyed my evening. The evening gave me a sense
of satisfaction as well since our action(s) were for a cause and not
just a get-together. Keep it up.

Many XLers could probably have made it today if they were not pre-
occupied. However, I wish that all the XLers in Singapore would come
together one day for a similar or a greater cause. The mere
imagination of that to happen would be a delight for any XLer (who
dreams so).


Download prohibited? No problem. CHAT from any browser, without download.

What Have You Gained From XL?

BP Rao asked the question on the Linkedin XLRI group:

In 2009, XLRI completes 60 glorious years.What have you gained from XL? .

If we develop adequate data, this could be good feedback to the present leaders/students at XL.
Here's what I have gained:
* Deep insight into the power of people relationships. Thanks to Fr. McGrath.
* A collaborative rather than confrontation approach to issues
* The value of superior communication skills..this one is for Fr. Tome
* Simplicity and non-hierarchical way of managing.
* Friendships that have lasted for keeps:)

Some of the answers were:

My professional identity.
The desire to do good in the world was further cemented courtesy the selfless work by a lot of intellectuals at XLRI. I definitely learnt how to prioritise my time and work, a quality which I feel is critical to achieve material success. Remember that the monk first had to earn the Ferrari :-) .
The most important take-away I have had is that what we learn is most applied about 5 years into your work career. all those pieces of puzzle come together when you are problem solving and decision making. When your wrok content begins to have a diversity of challenges, that is when your investment in XL kicks in

This seems to be rhetoric question! I completely agree with Udayan - indeed my professional identity and a lot of friends! In addition to the list - I would lke to add humility, patience, optimism, crisis management, resource mobilization, 'jugaad', cost cutting, bon-homie, understanding (not from the classroom) of the tennets of credit, risk-management and financial planning, weight loss, gyan, tolerance, appreciation, achnowledgement, great times, culture, time-management, 'critical-minimum-effort' theory, 'manging' as opposed to 'management', compassion, sensitivity, community living, independence, fraternity feeling, street smartness - well the list is endless. And of course to all the professors and faculty who showed how to - and some who showed how not to!! 

Multitasking, preparing for deadlines, working with groups, peers, social responsibility, healthy lifestyle, with enough room for entertainment and letting one's hair down.

Importance of Upward Management, dealing with "bad bosses (read profs)", networking, art of politics, dramatics. Very useful for professional life.

What I learnt at XL was probably not as useful anytime in the first two years of my career, as it has now started. It has helped me put my thoughts in the most organised format and has given a weight to my words while talking amongst equals. Piggy-backing on what my seniors had created as a brand name for the college is definitely a given. However, I have already started learning the art of managing people breaking all barriers of hierarchy.
I'm sure I have got a long way to go, and what I have learnt in the college is going to push me along all through...

Well BP we are the luckier ones who had both Fr Tome and Fr McGrath so I will not repeat what you said.
I think XL gave me a world view. And maybe social skills of a corporate kind. The beauty of XL is that we learnt from each other too.

xlsingapore dreamrun - the first NIGHT run, for a cause, by XLers

You are invited to view Rajesh's photo album: XL Dream Run, December 13, 2008

XL Dream Run, December 13, 2008
Dec 13, 2008by Rajesh
View Album Play slideshow
Message from Rajesh:

Here goes the link to our pictures :) Also please register on fFacebook (XLRI Singapore) for more interactive communication
If you are having problems viewing this email, copy and paste the following into your browser:http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/sredir?uname=rajesh.soundararajan&target=ALBUM&id=5279258832670349233&authkey=tebNPR2UwEI&feat=email
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XLRI summer placements news

Awaaz's (hindi channel of CNBC TV18) news on XL's summer placements

CNBC TV 18 A of B Rankings released

XL is number 5.

Here's the story from MBAUniverse.com

While Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A) is the # 1 B-school, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM B) and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM C) has been ranked as the # 2 & # 3 B-schools in India. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (IIM L) is ranked at #4. Jamshedpur based Xavier's Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) is pegged at #5 position.
Mumbai based S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, Faculty Of Management Studies, University Of Delhi, Delhi, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade, New Delhi and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, University Of Mumbai, Mumbai complete the prestigious Top 10 B-school rankings table. (See consolidated Ranking Table below)
Which are some other non-IIM B-schools that have managed to show their strengths on this league table. Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies University, Mumbai, Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune, Department Of Management Studies - Indian Institute Of Technology, New Delhi and Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar are four B-schools that are part of Top 10 Non-IIMs B-schools league table.
CNBC TV 18 Consolidated B-school Rankings from Data Survey, Student Perception and Employer Perception
India's Top B-schools
1 Indian Institute Of Management, Ahmedabad
2 Indian Institute Of Management, Bangalore
3 Indian Institute Of Management, Kolkata
4 Indian Institute Of Management, Lucknow
5 Xavier Labour Relation Institute School Of Management, (XLRI), Jamshedpur
6 Bhavan's S. P. Jain Institute Of Management & Research, Mumbai
7 Faculty Of Management Studies, University Of Delhi, Delhi
8 Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
9 Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
10 Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, University Of Mumbai, Mumbai
India's Top B-schools – Excluding IIMs
1 Xavier Labour Relation Institute School Of Management, (XLRI), Jamshedpur
2 Bhavan's S. P. Jain Institute Of Management & Research, Mumbai
3 Faculty Of Management Studies, University Of Delhi, Delhi
4 Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
5 Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade, New Delhi
6 Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies, University Of Mumbai, Mumbai
7 SVKM'S Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies University, Mumbai
8 Symbiosis Institute Of Business Management, Pune
9 Department Of Management Studies - Indian Institute Of Technology, New Delhi
10 Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar
Note: For Quantitative Survey, more than 70 leading B-schools including IIM A, IIM B, IIM C, IIM L, IIM I, FMS Delhi, XLRI, MDI, JBIMS, IIT B SJMSOM participated in the survey. Key B-schools that did not participate in the Quantitative Survey are: Department of Management Studies, Pune; Fore School of Management, Delhi; ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad; IIM Kozhikode; Indian School of Business, Hyderabad; Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad; SCMHRD, Pune and Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

XL Dream Run video

For the 100th post on this site we have this great creative video on the XL Dream Run

XL Social Projects sweep Kalpavriksha at IIM Indore

Two Projects supported by XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust (*), Parichay andSwavalamban were judged 1st and 2nd respectively in the IIM Indore's Social Business Plan contest "Kalpavriksha" - a forum for self sustainable business plans with the potential to make a difference to society.

The two projects were selected from among 103 entries from across the B-Schools, and were judged by executives from Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital FundIndianNGO.com and India Development Gateway

Besides the prize money, along with other finalists they will also receive mentorship by executives from IndianNGO.com and India Development Gateway, a capital market place for social ventures in India. They will also be able to put up their ideas on India Development Gateway.

As the winner of the event, Parichay will get a direct semi-final entry into theGlobal Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC) to be held at Foster School of Business in Seattle, USA (Feb 23-27, 2009)

Contribute to the XLDreamRun

Seeking your help/ contribution for The XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust:
through XL Dream Run (Nov 16th, ‘08):
(organised by XLANC, XL Sportscom, CII’s Young Indian Chapter @ XLRI, & XLRI Alumni Association)
240 XL students (including a few faculty!) have registered to participate in the XL Dream Run for this cause
Paypal Account is in place
- We even have some “Early Donors” who have given us a head-start with a kitty of $600+ !! :0)
The Cause:
The XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust is supporting 3 Social Entrepreneuship Ventures by XL students who have decided to take the “road less travelled” as a career option. These are nascent ventures, currently in the form of partnership firms. We are trying to provide them support through the initial incubation loans (thanks to the Rs 10.5lac contributions received from the XLRI batch of ‘81 and from the Jamshedpur Alumni Chapter)
The details of the social venture projects approved to be funded by the Trust are available at:
Briefly, these are:
Parichay: a venture to connect the rural/tribal artisans & craftsmen to the market. It was covered here earlier this month:
Swavalamban: a venture to use “ox-driven generator” (patented technology) to provide electricity to rural India. It was covered here a few days back:
Dreams4Others: a venture to use online market-surveys to provide funds to NGOs.
To raise funds for these and other future activities of the XLRI Social Entrepreneurship Trust, we are organising the XL Dream Run (http://www.xldreamrun.com) , during the5th Annual Alumni Homecoming (Nov 15-16), where the students will run for the cause, and the alumni can pledge money for the cause.
Thus this mail and a plea… If you can contribute (whatever amount) it will be our pleasure to have your name at:

XLRI powers rural life

After helping in cultivation, oxen will aid in generating electricity to light village households.
The team of three — Abhilash Somen, Ankur Saboo and Anand Raghvendra — all business management students, has developed an animal powered prime mover (generator) where mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy will the help of oxen.

The students today invited eight NGOs of Jamshedpur to present the idea before them.

The concept of the project was born when the students visited some villages last year as part of their curriculum.
"When we visited the villages last year, we thought of doing something constructive. We began our research that time. The technical specification is not completed as yet. The project would benefit the villagers as it is low on cost compared to solar energy," said Ankur.

The generator consists of a shaft, a bearing, a battery and CFL lamps. The shaft attached with the generator has to be rotated by an oxen to charge the battery connected to it, generating electricity.

A generator is connected to a battery of 44 lamps that can light up four houses. A single generator can also be connected to three generators or more. Electricity will be generated depending upon the power of the batteries.

The students have presented their project before Tata Motors and will be working in a village near Rakha Mines.

XLRI to invite start-ups, social ventures for placement


XLRI School of Business & Human Resources will be the first B-School in the country to invite social organisations and start-ups for the summer placement process of its 2010 batch.
The B-School's "initiative for social & entrepreneurial leadership (ISEL)" will be jointly implemented by its placement committee, social initiative group for managerial assistance (Sigma) and its committee for research, strategy, consulting and entrepreneurship (Crescent).
A number of social ventures like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, microfinance institution BASIX, Azim Premji Foundation and IFMR, an ICICI Foundation, have confirmed participation in the ISEL. XLRI's regular placements will take place in the last week of this month.
Altogether 40 students of its 180-strong batch have so far shown interest in moving away from high-paying corporate jobs and opted for a career either as a start-up or in joining established players in the social sector.
Among start-ups who will take part in the placement process are Quetzal Verify, Vinculum, Beans & Intellect, Chaupaati and MBMC Consulting, to name a few.
"Time has come when the students select not to work for a company but created jobs, as creation of wealth for the country by becoming entrepreneurs is something what the institution would definitely support," said Father E Abraham, director, XLRI.
XLRI has for some years now being taking initiatives to promote social and entrepreneurial spirit at its campus here, which includes setting up of a "social entrepreneurship trust (SET)" by its alumni and an "entrepreneurship development cell (EDC)", to provide training and funding to budding entrepreneurs.
Again, although internship with social organisations has been on Sigma's agenda for some years now, the idea got impetus this year after Byrraju Foundation chief integrator & lead partner Verghese Jacob (an 1979 batch alumnus) made a presentation at the campus in August this year, prompting around 27 students of the B-School to take a week-long internship at Byrraju in Hyderabad in September.

PMIR course intake to be increased

XLRI is all set to increase the PM&IR seats to 120 from the 2009 session:

The ever-increasing demand for its personnel management and industrial relations (PMIR) course has prompted the XLRI School of Business and Human Resource to double the number of seats.
At present, XLRI’s flagship course has room for 60 students, but from the next academic session, beginning June 2009, it will house as many as 120 business enthusiasts.
XLRI director Father E. Abraham said students and representatives of top-notch corporate houses were making a beeline for the PMIR course, which is the oldest and the most prestigious among the institute’s teaching programmes. Though business-oriented, it emphasises on understanding human values.
Abraham said the institute had sought a stamp of approval from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) on seat increase last year, and it was cleared recently. “Admission was then in the last stage. So, we can only make room for more students from the next academic session,” he said.
Officials said the school was developing infrastructure to make room for 120 students. New faculty members would also be appointed soon.
Interestingly, the XLRI had increased the number of seats in the business management stream in 2005, but the demand for the course has gone up further. Even MNCs are making a beeline to rope in XLRI students. Last year’s recruitment record shows that each student in the PMIR stream had two offers to choose from.
“The demand has exceeded the supply. In fact, we have had to turn down offers from some of the elite recruiters because we had no students to give them,” Jeevan Kumar, secretary of XLRI’s placement committee, said, explaining the reason behind the decision to increase PMIR seats

XLRI bags Dewang Mehta Business School Award

Actually two honors according to this news report:

 XLRI has bagged the prestigious Dewang Mehta Business School Award 2008 for the “best academic input (syllabus) in human resource”.
This is not the only award that the institute bagged in the prestigious award ceremony. Jeetu Singh, a professor of human resource management and organisational behaviour of the institute, was adjudged the “best teacher in human resource”.
“This is the first time XLRI has bagged Dewang Mehta Business School Award. This is one of the business schools, which has now come to the forefront,” said R.L. Bhatia, a senior functionary of the Dewang Mehta Foundation that organises the business awards.
“Awards like these will encourage the morale of not only the faculty but also the students. It is a kind of appreciation for the work we do,” said P. Venugopal, dean (academics), XLRI.
“The information had come almost as a surprise to us. Although teaching cannot be judged by awards, it can be considered one of the ways of recognising the teachers,” said Jeetu Singh.

Prof. Shukla in the news!

PaGaLGuY.com - B-school professors dot blogspot dot com
Professor Madhukar Shukla of Xavier's Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur (blogs - http://alternativeperspective.blogspot.com and http://inspired-pragmatism.blogspot.com/) puts forth an interesting point when he says, "I am also part of numerous Yahoo! Groups where issues related to coursework are discussed. I have observed that since in a Yahoo! Group the audience is so much more visible, some students prefer leaving comments there rather than on a blog. In my opinion, the potential of blogging has not been explored fully. There are so few collaborative blogs!" he goes on to say.

Rekha Menon featured in MoneyControl.com

How to work at Accenture
Being a passionate runner, she wanted to participate in the Bangalore Marathon 'come hell or high water' and trained on the hard surfaces of Bangalore despite the doctor’s instructions to the contrary.

Black and white world

"Rekha has very strong views on what is right and wrong," says Vijayan. "She has been scrupulously honest in everything that she has done and whatever challenges the workplace has dealt her.

Her attitude to put it mildly is non-compromising. Holding this together is enormous self-belief, which means that she does not give up, sets high standards for herself and her team and leads by example."

Charles Handy the renowned author and philosopher, who specialises in organisational behaviour and management, is someone whom Rekha admires enormously. His works include The Empty Raincoat and The Age of Unreason.

He said, "A portfolio of activities -- some we do for money, some for interest, some for pleasure, some for a cause… the different bits fit together for form a balanced whole greater than the parts."

Rekha is a strong believer in this, as she is certain that it cannot be one interest at the cost of another. She has taken time off work to look after her children, did not complete her PhD as Vijayan did not get a US visa and still finds time to hike, do long distance cycling and photography, not to forget social causes like working with underprivileged children.

"I changed the balance of my work portfolio as life changed," said Rekha in an interview as she reflected on the various stages in her life.

Xler's Blogging initiative featured in India Toda

Tiyash (BM 2000) gets featured in India Today
Woman: Making a Difference
That’s what Tiyash Bandopadhyay, 32, a management consultant in the USA faced with a young son, trying to balance two cultures. It was an issue she and her friend Priya Nair, 31, realised most mothers faced. And so was born bloggermoms.com, a website where women like them could interact.

The site, says Bandopadhyay, is “an umbrella for parents navigating lives in multicultural mayhem.” For Nair, mother of two, the challenge lay in “maintaining Malayali traditions while enjoying American ones”.

Aquil Busrai and Sajid Shamim get quoted in Mint

Two XLers Aquil Busrai (of IBM), and Sajid Shamim get quoted on an article on how organizations are using social media in Mint,

“What were once thought to be Internet fads are now commanding the attention of people and businesses around the world,” says Aquil Busrai, executive director, HR, IBM India and South Asia.

There’s so much activity, it is all real data for any marketer
Executive director, marketing, Reebok India Co
Photograph: Harikrishna Katragadda / Mint
Photograph: Harikrishna Katragadda / Mint
How many hours do you spend on the Internet in a day/week?
I spend 13-14 hours a week on the Internet.
What social networking/social media sites do you visit?
I am a member of the Orkut, Facebook and LinkedIn communities, and spend a total of around 30 minutes on these sites a week.
Have you derived any insights from these websites?
The reason I signed up with these websites is for the marketing insights they provide. People are really into social networking—my friends are constantly updating their profiles, sending photos and sharing information. I see so much of activity and engagement happening, and this is all real data for any marketer.
Have you ever identified a trend by visiting social media sites and then included it in your company’s digital marketing strategy?
It was after I became active on these websites that we strengthened the presence of Reebok on social media sites. We have allocated much of our online budget to social media. We are currently planning an engagement tool in this space—it is currently a work-in-progress, so I can’t share too much on it yet.
Is it important for marketing heads, and marketing departments in general, to be active on digital platforms to keep track of current trends in this space?
Absolutely. Social networking is growing at double the rate of digital advertising, and the number of hours consumers spend on these websites is exceptionally high. These websites give brands a captive consumer base, so it is necessary for marketing departments to know what is happening here to target their communication better. If marketing personnel are not active on digital platforms, they will be left out in the long run.
(Priyanka Mehra)

The XLRI page on Facebook

Have just started the XLRI page on facebook. Go ahead, show your love for XL - become a fan! And encourage your friends to do the same !

This blog is on Facebook now!

This blog now has its own page on Facebook's Blog Networks page.

Go ahead, join the community!

XLers' Exper in BT

XLer founded adventure and training firm Exper Education (co-founded by Gaurav Saklani and Tarun Chandna '92 batch) gets profiled in Business Today

And they have actor Jayant Kriplani also along as a faculty! How cool is that!

5th Annual Alumni Homecoming (Nov 15-16, 2008) - 1st Invite

from Prof Shukla :

Hello Folks!

The 3rd Weekend of November is approaching - and so, time to start planning your trip back to XL for the 5th Annual XLRI Alumni Homecoming
This year we also plan to kick-off the XLRI's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations with the Homecoming

Am pasting the preliminary invite below so that you can start planning your trip for the Nov 15-16, 2008...
.... More details will be forthcoming

Abhijit Bhaduri gets interviewed by Rashmi Bansal

Popular blogger Rashmi Bansal who is consulting editor of career news show Cracking Careers on UTVi interviews Abhijit Bhaduri, PMIR '84, HR Head of Microsoft India, blogger and author on 14th June 2008 at 3.30 pm and at 6 pm.

The show will be repeated again on 15th June at 12 noon and 5 pm

Kolkata meet tomorrow

Kolkata: May 31st
Where: Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Tollygunge
Contacts:Sudipto Dey (9831138850)
Bharath S (9748268448)
Rohit Parmanandka (9830166951)

bangalore meet tomorrow

Bangalore: May 31st

Contacts:Sharath N (9234602781)
Sugandha Agnani (9886980013)
Kuruvilla Kurian 96BM (9845141464)

Mumbai meet tomorrow

Mumbai: May 24th

Where: Hyatt Regency (Regency Ballroom), Sahar Road
Contacts:Akshay Sinha (9820404428)
Ritesh Agrawal (9833124316)

Chennai meet tomorrow

Chennai: May 24th
Where:The Accord Metropolitan, GN Chetty Road
Contacts:Mulpuri Raja Rajeswari (9246270935)
Abhiseg Elijah (9790755870)
Krishanu Bhattacharya (9790825739)

Singapore Alumni Meet (May 16th) - Pics

I stole these photographs from the PicasaWeb Album of Chintan Agarwal (09BMD), who had helped organise this Alumni Get-together - along with the anchors of the Singapore Chapter (Ramesh Ramakrishnan (85BMD), Rajesh Soundarajan (99BMD), Vinod Martin (90BMD), & Ramasubramanian (77BME).

HK Alumni Get-Together (May 16th) - some Pics

Here are some Pics of the HK Alumni Get-together on May 16th, I got from Hemant Lodha (98BMD):

New Delhi/ NCR Alumni Meet (May 17th) - Photos and Slideshow

well... here are some of the pics that I could take (very difficult to take photos, when you are holding a glass in one hand ;0)...

It was a rocking time (even though I missed the pics of the dance-floor in action)... with the delhi weather providing "special effects" (*_^)...

The Photgraphs are uploaded here

or you can view them in a slideshow below:

NCR meet tomorrow

New Delhi/NCR: May 17th

Where : Tivoli Gardens, Chhattarpur Road
Contacts:Devika Rajeev (9910611843)
Manish Bhagat (9999516976)

Ankit Goyal (9910671450/9955371152)

Singapore meet tomorrow

Singapore: May 16th
Chintan Agarwal (65) 98405241 -
Rajesh Soundarajan 99BM (65) 91087901 -
Ramesh Ramakrishnan 85BM (65) 96176340 -

Hyderabad Alumni Meet (May 10th) - Photos & Slideshow

Had a great evening (also early morning;0) yesterday at Hyderabad. As GG wrote in a mail this morning:

"It was a great meet with more than 60-70 XLers across batches and programs turning up and total number of people easily edging past 100.

Awesome arrangement by the summer trainees and the venue at Taj Banjara was perfect for those interested in keeping their spirits up, shaking a leg, catching up with friends or in making new ones :-)"

GG has posted some pics of the meet at:

The pics of the slide show below can be accessed at:

Alumni Meet @ Hyderabad 10-MAY-08

XLRI Alumni Meet at Hyderabad

If you're in Hyderabad on the evening of 10th May this is where you should be !

XLRI to help Patent Grass-Root Innovations

[Original Post here]

An espresso coffee machine which functions without electricity, a special bamboo which lasts longer and is more durable or medicine for asthma made out of traditional herbs may soon be a reality.

Innovations like these and many more would soon be patented in the innovators’ name if XLRI has its way.

Taking a step ahead in its endeavour to bring grassroots innovation to the mainstream, XLRI has recently selected about 25-odd grassroots-level innovations across eastern India to get a patent and be marketed as business ideas.

The move, to be implemented in association with the National Innovation Foundation (NIF), comes in the wake of NIF setting up a research advisory council at the B-school recently.

Set up in association with the department of science and technology, NIF was established to provide institutional support to innovations across the rural pockets of India and grassroots-level workers in transforming their ideas into a profit venture.

“According to the agreement with NIF and XLRI, the regional research advisory council would assess the innovations made at the grassroots in Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh. The body would later provide marketing strategies for the launch of these innovative ideas in the market,” said T. Raghuram, the assistant professor in strategic management, XLRI.

The council would comprise B-school professors, NIF members and also senior authorities from institutes like IIT (Kharagpur) and IIT (Guwahati).

“We have so far received about 25 such interesting innovations from absolutely grassroots-level workers — farmers, mechanics and electricians. Right now we are in the process of studying their technical possibilities and validation,” said Raghuram.

Once finalised, the selected innovations would be funded by National Innovation Foundation (NIF) and also be protected under intellectual property rights.

“We are not revealing the innovations for we are in the process of patenting these innovations in the founders’ name so they can be saved from being copied,” added Raghuram.

Want to reach the top Business and HR professionals in Hyderabad?

For organizations that want to reach out and and approach the top HR professionals in Hyderabad, here is the opportunity.

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Alumni Get-together @ Dubai (April 16, '08)

On April 16th, the Dubai alumni met at Hotel Kempinski. The occasion was to bid farewell to Sanjay Chaturvedi (88batch) who is shifting to India/Gurgaon. It also coincided with my maiden visit to Dubai.

...and so about 30-35 of us met, thanks to the meticulous organisation by Johnshon Alexander (81PMIR) and Leya Joseph (93PMIR).... and of course, ANE :0). A very enjoyable evening. For me particularly, it was great to meet some after many many years... and to meet many whom I knew only through the mailids.

Here are some pics of the meet:

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"Companies are slashing payrolls left and right. But over at Accenture (nyse: ACN - news - people ), an international consulting, technology and outsourcing company, managers plan to hire 60,000 new employees this year. That's a 34% increase in its staff....
....In developing countries, human resources is a hot field, since growth is occurring so rapidly. But the supply of candidates isn't keeping up with demand. So Accenture started HR Academy to boost the candidate pool. The company partnered with XLRI, a prominent Indian business school, to create classes that will produce a quality talent pool, which will then work for Accenture. The company is looking to replicate the program in other countries.

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Some Alumni Achievements (2007-08)

Some Alumni Achievements (2007-08)

· PL Barua (70PMIR) assumed charge as the Executive Director of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Assam Oil Division).

· RS Thakur (72BMD) took over as Executive Director of TACO, the Tata auto-component company.

· Jagdish Dore (73BMD) was appointed the CEO & Managing Director of Matrix Laboratories Ltd. (of Mylan Group).

· Madhukar Kamath (76BMD) Managing Director & CEO of the Mudra Group, was elected as the President of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI).

· S Nandkumar (76BMD) was elected the President of Institute of Management Consultants of India (Hyderabad chapter)

· Bipin Lal (78BMD) was appointed as the Managing Director, Nitrex Chemicals India.

· Prakash Puram (78BMD), President & CEO, iXmatch Inc., was invited to join the Advisory Council on Small Business & Labour of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

· N Krishnakumar (80BMD) took over as the CEO & Managing Director of Mindtree Consulting.

· Prabhakar Jain (81BMD) joined as the Chairman and Managing Director, Goodyear India Ltd.

· Aneeta Madhok (81PMIR) joined as the Dean, Center for Human Resources (Dubai & Singapore), SP Jain Center of Management.

· NS Rajan (83BMD), Partner (Human Capital), Ernst & Young, was chosen as Global Leader-HR Advisory of Ernst & Young. He was also elected the President (Northern Region), National HRD Network.

· Jaspal Bindra (84BMD) took over as the Head-Asia Region, Standard Chartered Bank.

· K Pandiarajan (84PMIR), Founder-CEO of MaFoi Consulting, was inducted into the Board of Madras Stock Exchange Limited as one of its Directors.

· K Shankar (84PMIR) joined Airtel as the Director (HR).

· Radha Krishnan Nair (84PMIR) joined as the Chief HR Officer of Tata Steel. He was also inducted into the Board of Governors of XLRI.

· Vineet Nayar (85BMD) took over as the CEO, HCL Technologies Ltd from its founder, Shiv Nadar.

· Mahesh Nair (86BMD) published his book of photographs Let There Be Light: Exploring Nature Through Light (Roli Books).

· Sandra (Sequeira) Mahadwar (86PMIR), Sr Director (HR) with KLA-Tencor Corp., was selected to receive the 2008 YWCA’s Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Award, for Executive Leadership.

· Arjun Trivedi (87BMD) was appointed the Head of Nokia Siemens Network, Indonesia.

· Srinivas Duvvari (87BM-Eve) took over as the Managing Director of Rolls-Royce India Ltd.

· Ernst Louise (87PMIR) was appointed as the Global Head (HR) for Essel Propack Ltd.

· Ronald Mark D’Souza (87PMIR) took over as the Vice President (HR), Alcatel-Lucent (India).

· Anurag Parashar (88BMD) took over as the Chief Officer, Customer Management Systems and Shared Infrastructure for all telecom businesses of Bharti Airtel Ltd.

· M Shankar Prasad (88BMD) joined Tata Communications Ltd (formerly VSNL) as President, Broadband.

· Amar Babu (89BMD) was appointed as the Managing Director of Lenova India.

· Satish Nambisan (89PMIR) published his book The Global Brain: Your Roadmap for Innovating Faster & Smarter in a Networked World (Wharton School Publishing).

· Sutapa Banerjee (89PMIR), Head of Private Banking at ABN Amro Bank, was nominated among 20 most successful, rising wealth managers in the world by leading international business magazine, The Institutional Investor.

· Amitabh Jaipuria (89BMD) joined as the Managing Director of Monsanto India Ltd.

· Ajay Bagga (90BMD), CEO of Lotus India Asset Management Co Pvt. Ltd., was elected the Vice Chairman of Financial Planning Standards Board of India.

· Ashish Khera (90BMD) took over as the CFO of Microsoft India

· VS Sridhar (90BMD) was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of the VSNL Global Services.

· R Chandrasekar (90PMIR) took over as the Group Head (HR) of the Noor Islamic Bank (Dubai Investment Group), Dubai.

· Sudip Mall (91BMD) joined as Country Manager (Philippines), Kraft Asia.

· V Chandramouli (91BMD) was appointed as the Director (HR) of Cadbury India

· Jayaram Philkana (91PMIR) took over as the Director (HR) of Cargill Inc.’s Health & Nutrition business at MN, USA.

· NT Arunkumar (91PMIR) took over as CEO of Dun & Bradstreet.

· Ramesh Soundarajan (91PMIR) joined as the Vice President (HR) of Trianz India.

· Ravi Parmeshwar (91PMIR) joined Cargill India as their Director (HR).

· Lokesh Jindal (92BMD) returned from USA to take over as Sr Vice President & General Manager of Computer Associate’s India Technology Center.

· Leena Nair (92PMIR) took over as the Executive Director (HR) of Hindustan Unilever Ltd., thus becoming the youngest and the first woman director in HUL’s Board. She was also featured in the Business Today’s “25 Most Powerful Women in Indian Business List”.

· Sabyasachi Nag (92PMIR) published his first book of poems Bloodlines with Writers' Workshop.

· Salil Raghavan (92PMIR) took over as the Head (HR) of Great Eastern Shipping.

· Sadashiv Nayak (93BDM) joined the Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, as the CEO, Food Bazaar.

· Sharat Dhall (93BMD) was appointed as the Managing Director (India) of the travel portal Expedia.com.

· NV Krishna (93BMD) joined EXL Holding Inc. (NY, USA), as the Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

· Amitabh Hajela (93PMIR) joined as the Vice President and Global Head of Human Resources of the ExlService Holdings, Inc, USA.

· Uday Shankar Sinha (94BMD) took over as Executive Director of PepsiCo India.

· Biplob Banerjee (94PMIR) joined Nokia Siemens Networks as Director (HR – Global Services, India).

· Raj Ambekar (94PMIR) moved to the shipping & logistics company, Maersk, as the Head (HR) for South Asia.

· Naveen Kumar (94PMIR) took over as the Vice President (HR) of Lehman Brothers, India.

· V Satish (94PMIR) took over as Sr Vice President (Global HR & Recruiting) at AztecSoft.

· Ramki Sundaram (95BMD) was appointed the CEO of Air Deccan.

· Suman Bose (95BMD) joined Dassault Systemes (part of French Dassault Group) as the Country Head – India.

· Brajesh Bajpai (96BMD) moved into an enlarged role as the Head of Middle East and North Africa Region of Marico’s International Business.

· Ketan Awalegaonkar (98BMD) joined McKinsey & Co. as Associate Principle & Leader for North American Operations Practice, USA.

· Indraneel Roy (98PMIR) took over as the Global Head of Hewitt Leadership Consulting.

· Gaurav Lahiri (00PMIR) was elected as the Partner, Hay Group. He also co-authored the book The Indian CEO: Portrait of Excellence (Sage Books).

· Kulshaan Singh (01PMIR) took over as the Country Manager (Singapore), Hewitt Associates.

· Tanmay Prusty (06BMD), Sales Manager with ITC, won the south zone BusinessToday ACUMEN 2007, and was the runner-up in the national finals.

· Jishnu Dasgupta (06BMD), Sales Manager with ITC, and joined as bass guitarist and backing vocals with the Hindi Band “Swarathma”, which won the Best Band prize in All India City Radio Finals.

XLRI signs a MOU with Asian Institute of Management, Manila

From the XLRI blog:

Faculty Exchange: AIM and XLRI will exchange at least 2 faculty members per academic year.
Joint Executive Development Programs: AIM and XLRI agree to jointly design, market, and conduct short-duration executive development programs in 3rd countries—especially in the Asian region.
Joint Research: AIM and XLRI agree to identify research themes of international, particularly Asian, relevance
Case Development: AIM and XLRI agree to launch a concerted drive to develop Asia-based cases and, thereafter, publish jointly a compilation on an annual basis.
XAT: In order to attract Indian applicants for admission, AIM agrees to join the group of business schools that accept XAT
Joint Management Journal: AIM and XLRI agree to jointly launch a new, international-class management journal by January 2010.
Student Exchange: AIM and XLRI agree to continue student exchange as per the agreement signed between them earlier on December 13, 2004.

satish venkatachaliah leaves SAP for AztecSoft

In his email he writes:

After almost 5 years of being with SAP Labs today is my last day.

In march I will be joining Aztecsoft in Bangalore as SVP – Global HR and Recruiting. I am looking forward to new challenges of leading the HR function globally.

Raja gets interviewed by ET

Quatrro BPO Solutions’ chief HR officer, S Varadarajan , 42, is a seasoned executive with a well spread experience across diverse sectors and companies – the Tatas, KPMG, PwC, American Express, Spectramind. Starting with American Express, Raja — as he is fondly called — is also a BPO industry veteran, having worked in the sector since 1994.

Now an active member of NHRD network, BPO HR forum at Nasscom, Raja is helping Quatrro grow exponentially – in two years the company has added 1,800 staff, snapped up three companies and is expanding into a range of specialised BPO businesses. The XLRI alumnus spoke about the BPO industry, the challenges it faced as it evolved and some lessons he has learnt managing Gen-Y.

Madan Pillutla is Chair of OB Area at LBS

Madan Pillutla (pmir 90) has taken over as the Chair of the OB Area at the London Business School, following his promotion as a full Professor at LBS.

Madan is also incidentally the OB Area Leader at ISB Hyderabad.