Abhijit Bhaduri (PMIR 84) Head of HR at PepsiCo lets us know:

I have played a small role in the film Apna Asmaan. I play Ravi's (played by Irrfan) boss in the office. The film stars Shobhna, Irrfan, Anupam Kher and Rajat Kapur (Bheja Fry fame). The film is about how each one of us has our own little piece of the sky to touch and paint. A heartwarming film. It has won the gold at the International Festival in Stuttgart and now entering the film fest in Argentina. The film is currently playing in theatres. Hope your town has it too.

Have any of you seen it? It is such a strange feeling to see oneself on screen.

Pics from the movie are here. It was earlier called Qatra Qatra Jeene Do