Nihal blogs about recent happenings:

A closely guarded secret before the event each year was the T shirt slogan that was to be used by the players. Given the amount of underutilized grey matter on either side there was always an interesting pun involved. So while XL used slogans like “Only XLence matters the rest is IIMmaterial” IIM-C would go with slogans like “Always a size bigger than XL”

After a series of particularly explosive events over the last 2 years (one involving an IIMCian dropping his pants in full public view) the event has been suspended. From this year onwards IIM Calcutta is experimenting with the feasibility of running a similar event with IIM Bangalore.

The Interesting thing is that IIM C has decided to stay with the T Shirt tradition. Here is a quote that came off an XL Yahoogroup.

Trust the jokArs (IIMCians) to come up with something like this....!!!The IIMC tshirt for the " B Versus C" (IIM-B vs IIM-C) meet this year had following slogan:"And we thought there could B no one worse than XL....",And just below that it was written :"IIM Calcutta". ;-)