From the Business Standard:

Beginning November this year, a series of courses at XLRI will train managers in manpower planning, recruitment and selection, performance, career and succession management, managing and coping with the trauma associated with mergers and acquisitions, technological change, training, development and redeployment problems, retention and motivation strategies, empowerment and team-building, redundancy and downsising.
According to XLRI officials, the success of managerial efforts largely depend on the executives’ ability to develop and sustain team-spirit among the people under his or her care, both as a team member as well as a team leader.
The interpersonal skills for building and working in teams, and for managing conflicts, become essential prerequisites for managers as team leaders.
The new courses are therefore designed to help participants learn how to manage their own styles and orientations, while influencing others as leaders in their teams.
The courses will also help to understand the dynamics of peoples’ interaction within team members and to develop skills for working with others and leading teams.
Moreover, with the rapid growth of information technology , information systems has evolved to become the core of many organisations’ competitive strategies.