Surya has a post on CRP and why she chose her organization

By the time I came out, I was in love. I went up to the placement guy handling this commitee and told him; "If they want me, I am in. I am in love with them." He smiled ( a cute smile, I should add here) and about three hours later, told me and other three friends, that we are accepted. I smiled. I grinned. And I grinned some more when I saw one of my friends saying yes to the offer. "I like them. They are very chill people." was his response.

Am I happy now. Yes. Do I love my work? Yes. Do I love my colleagues? Yes. Will I recommend my company to you and ask you to join us?


What I can do is to tell you about my company. Whether you fit in here or not, that is a decision you have to make ( and the company too).